The Special Olympics Unified Robotics Guidebook provides the tools to start a team and participate with other schools with the same mission, rules, and involvement. This guidebook will update frequently, so please check back on this website for the most up-to-date version.

Current Version: 2.0.1

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The presentations provided here are from past Kickoff events and are a good resource to help you with the upcoming Unified Robotics season.

Kickoff WelcomeSpecial Olympics Washington2016View
Team SpiritFRC Team 948
Newport Robotics Group
Unified Champion SchoolsSpecial Olympics Washington2016View
Season GuideFRC Team 4911


These informational guides are provided for teams and individuals who plan to organize the Unified Robotics season outside of Washington state. Organizing a season can be a time-consuming and daunting process, so we hope the guides provided will be able to aid you in the logistics of the season.

Informational guides will be available soon!


A common struggle schools face is making sure the student body and faculty are aware of the program. Marketing your Unified Robotics club in your school is a great first step into gaining interest and momentum. Efforts to marketing your team include posting flyers, providing letters, and spreading the word.

Other promotional materials will be available soon!

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Maintaining the Unified Robotics brand is crucial for consistency and recognition as a Special Olympics Unified Sports team. Unified Robotics adheres to the guidelines established by Special Olympics for colors, typography, and design. It is important for Unified Robotics teams to also adhere to these guidelines.

Logos and Unified Robotics-specific guidelines coming soon!

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