Thank you for your interest in participating in the 2017 Special Olympics Unified Robotics season! We hope you and your team is just as excited as we are in inspiring students of all abilities through the world of STEM and robotics.

Registration for the 2017 season in Washington State has now closed. If you are registering from another state, please fill out the Out-of-State Registration form below.

For the 2017 season, the registration process has become more straightforward compared to 2016. We have implemented an online system to aid the basics and will provide any additional forms in one place. Please note, however, that although an online system has been implemented, some forms must be printed and scanned due to Special Olympics Washington requirements. Thank you for your understanding in this as we hope to streamline the process in the future.

For Teams Outside of Washington State

Please download and submit the Out-of-State Registration form to If any section of this form changes throughout the season, please email any changes to Noelle Foster at

What You Need to Know Prior to Registration

  • Contact information for the Unified Robotics Coach and Student Representative.
  • Your school’s FIRST® Team information, if you have one and is representing Unified Robotics.
  • The number of Unified Robotics teams, athletes, and partners that will participate this season.
  • The number of LEGO MINDSTORMS® Robotics Kits and Computers needed.
  • Consent and contact from your school’s Special Olympics Unified Sports liaison, if you have one.
  • An estimated needed budget for the team, if required.
  • Total school enrollment.

Registration Closed