Planning in Special Olympics Unified Robotics

By November 24, 2016Updates

Written by Sammy Murphy, a member of the Unified Robotics Leadership Club.

As we move through life, each of us on individual paths, we tend to gloss over the intricate details building the programs, places and people around us. When I first joined Unified Robotics, I possessed an idea of the immense amount work necessary to run the program. I imagined weekly sessions, careful correspondence, and checklists–all stereotypical activities associated with management. In many ways, this idea proved to be accurate in that these activities transpired. Yet, my vision of Unified Robotics lacked a full grasp of the complexity found within Unified Robotics

Just last week my fellow marketing team members and I sat down for a meeting with an advisor. The meeting, initially intended for a single hour, stretched into two as we planned the following weeks, splitting up the team into various sub-categories-each with a specific set of tasks.

Seeing the immense detail associated with a single department of Unified Robotics shocked me. To create a single event countless letter, press releases and other pieces of writing must be carefully crafted. Students involved spend up to six hours at school after-hours and countless more at home working in order to manage Unified Robotics. Their passion allows them to work through the exhaustion and stress to achieve a greater goal.

Working with Unified has already broadened my perspective on management, developed my work ethic and taught me the necessity of full devotion to a cause.

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