Unity within the Election

By November 22, 2016Updates

Written by Sammy Murphy, a member of the Unified Robotics Leadership Club.

Since the past week riots and protests have rumbled through the streets of my hometown Seattle. Flags burn and windows shatter as protestors march to the beat of “Not my president, not my president.” while Trump supporters roll their eyes and  demand that protestors “suck it up.” Either in triumph or terror, the American people cry out recklessly in the wake of the election.

In many ways, I find myself a part of this conflict. A portion of me wants to have hope in the ability of Americans to come together, while my more pessimistic side looks at this dream with skepticism. The concept of unity in our nation currently seems unreachable.

In moments like this, when the nation appears to be fragmenting along political and social lines, I find consolidation in available evidence of communities coming together to provide unity and opportunity.

Unified Robotics exemplifies such an occurrence. The program reminds me that the people of America, even amongst such circumstances, do possess the ability to still seek unity. We still continue to fight for the coming together of students with and without intellectual disabilities for the purpose of promoting opportunity.

Unity across the United States will likely never be achievable by the efforts of the government alone. The people must too come together in order to achieve unity. Of course, the people also will be unlikely to achieve ultimate unity. However, as the people forming the actual populations of our countries, a significant duty to encourage unity lies among us. Despite worrying election results, we still have the power to continue bridging gaps and joining hands together.

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