I am excited to announce our partnership with Special Olympics Washington! Over the past two months, members of Team 4911 CyberKnights and the Unified Robotics Leadership Club have been closely working with Special Olympics to have Unified Robotics™ a part of their Unified Sports system.

What does this mean for you? Because of the change, we will be refreshing our brand to bring Special Olympics’ values and mission to Unified Robotics. This includes changing our name from Unified Robotics™ to Special Olympics Unified Robotics™ with a new logo and identity.


Our core value, season timeline, and individual club structure will not change with the new partnership. Within the next couple of weeks, you will see changes with our visual identity and terminology on our website, promotional materials, and media to better reflect Special Olympics’ brand. We will keep you updated during this process through social media and blog posts. During this time, you may see overlap with our prior Unified Robotics logo, but this will be temporary.

I hope you are excited about this new partnership as much as we are. Thank you for your interest in Special Olympics Unified Robotics. I cannot wait to see what this season has in store for all of you.

Andrew LaPrade is the CEO of Business at Team 4911 CyberKnights, a FIRST® Washington Team. For more information, visit http://cyberknights4911.com.

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